2019 Open Studios Cornwall, Bowl Rock, St Ives, UK (Group, outdoor exhibition)

2020 Suck it up and Moving Target, Verbeke Foundation, Kemzeke, Belgium (Installation of two large scale works within the sculpture park)

2020 In Our Face, Antwerp, Belgium (Group Exhibition, outdoor installation in public places throughout the city)

2021 Rejuvination, Stone Lane Gardens, Devon, UK (Outdoor sculpture in a garden environment)

2021 Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Sculpture

2022 Get a Round It, DESINGEL, Antwerp, Belgium (Stage set design)

2022 Automated Sensitivity, Dambruggestraat 265, Antwerp, Belgium (Group Exhibition)

2023 Everything that Moves, FAAR, Hertstraat 4, Deurne, Belgium (Group Exhibition)

2023 The Unchained (Part 1), ARTTELEX, Oude Beurs 39-41, Antwerp, Belgium (Group Exhibition)

2024 Exit Pavilion, Garage Modern, Huybrechtsstraat 64, Antwerp, Belgium (Group Exhibition)

2024 The Unchained (Part 3), ARTTELEX, Oude Beurs 39-41, Antwerp, Belgium (Group Exhibition)


October 2024 – Studio Helder, Provinciestraat 100, Antwerp, Belgium

Guy Batten

Originally from the region of Cornwall in the UK, Guy drew inspiration from the combination of robust nature and industrial remnants. Now working in Antwerp, Belgium, the urban environment has led him to new methods of integrating his work in its surroundings.

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