Orbit is a series of kinetic concrete sculptures installed at various sites in Cornwall, UK.

The sculptures consist of two solid concrete pieces weighing over 250kg. Despite this huge weight, the arches sit perfectly balanced. Connected by a steel spring in the center, the concrete arches can move freely, allowing the viewer to interact.

Orbit II installed at Bowl Rock

Different aggregate choices mean each sculpture fits uniquely into its setting.

Tailor made for each space, the sculptures add a unique and eye-catching feature to the garden.

Orbit I on site at Tregye
Orbit IV installed at Feock
Orbit III during installation at Nancledra
Orbit II under construction at Bowl Rock

Texture is all important in sculpture. It’s not just about the way the object feels when you touch it; it’s about the way the surface interacts with the light and with its environment.

The rough texture of the concrete creates areas of light and shadow similar to the bark of old trees.

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